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Bryce’s ‘Mite Quran’. 64mo (26 × 18 mm). Original richly gilt decorated red morocco. Marbled endpapers. Printed on fine India paper. Housed in the original engraved locket, with inset magnifying glass.


A very good example indeed of this miniature Quran. Some oxidising to the locket, but otherwise very good.


“The first miniature Qur’an printed and distributed across the Muslim world” (McBurney, 2019).


A very nice example indeed of David Bryce’s miniature Quran. These were produced between 1898 and 1908 and were made famous in part by T.E. Lawrence, who observed Muslim soldiers wearing these Qurans in their lockets during the First World War:


“He told me later, in strict confidence, that thirteen years before he had bought an amulet Koran for one hundred and twenty pounds and had not since been wounded … The book was one of the little Glasgow reproductions, costing eighteen pence; but Auda’s deadliness did not let people laugh at his superstition” (Seven Pillars of Wisdom).


Louis Bondy, writing in 1981, deemed the Bryce Qur’an an “almost legendary title” of which it was “increasingly difficult to find copies” (Miniature books 1981).

Miniature Quran

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  • Author


  • Publisher

    Glasgow: David Bryce

  • Date

    between 1898 and c.1908

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